My New Book

Dina Polizzi

Become the Medicine, Lose the Fear,

Take the Journey

Chapter 1.

Les Présentations


I was a tarot reading New York Sicilian in Jackson Square,

Selling the tourists what they wanted to hear.

A symbiotic tourist parasite, part of the traveling circus

Amongst  “all the jugglers and the clowns

when they… did tricks for you.” [Bob Dylan]

What a scene, N’Orleans.

     I met the Texas Gigolo first.

     The town was hot, sticky and slow. Partly cloudy with an occasional drizzle of tourists. He was more slimy than sticky. SLICKY! Tall and thin, in his cowboy hat and shit kickin’ grin, lassoing his money mamas home for the milking. He circled around me as I read cards for a Cleveland housewife.

     “We all have choices in our life.” I explained to the housewife as the cards explained to me. “The cards say that if you follow the path you are on, making no changes in yourself or your circumstances, this is where you are headed.” My hand spiraled out from the center card of her reading to the line of cards leading to the final outcome.

“Pick another card. Ask for an alternate outcome and pick three.”