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"What will a Writing Coach do for ME?"

Coaching is a personalized experience depending on your needs in the moment.

We will start with a free consultation to discuss your ideas, your vision and possible next steps. Along the way I will listen to your fears, worries, confusions and blocks.

Has your research overpowered your voice?

Are you wrestling with timelines, hiccups in your plot, chapter divisions, too many or not enough words?

Are your characters being difficult, not speaking or fighting with you?

We can discover and re-frame your difficulties. I will support you in your follow through with editorial advice and ways you can improve your own editing. Your manuscript will grow and become clearer. As you approach completion we will examine line-by-line editing and avenues for distribution.

Let’s discuss what your next step might be on the path to publishing YOUR book.

Email me to set up a free consultation.

About Me

Dina Polizzi

As a writing group facilitator, I have had the privilege of listening to a wide variety of voices and styles over the years - each unique and enlightening! I have also been able to assist individuals to complete and publish their books using my combined skills in editing, coaching, graphic design and marketing. Contact me today to talk about your book.

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