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Writing is like one of those all purpose tools, the Swiss army knife of the psyche!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

It affects the writer, the reader and sometimes the world.


Writing as Therapy

I have been an avid journaler since my early teens. I could always tell my journals what I couldn’t say to anyone else. They were wonderful listeners. Reading them back would clarify my thoughts and actions while comforting me. Throughout my life, my journals have been my good friends and teachers.

Writing to Publish

Writing for an audience is a different experience. In essence communication is a two way street. When you are writing to someone other than yourself (your readers), it is important that they understand your words. That’s where editing comes in. I don’t believe editing should play a part in journaling. Journaling is like spewing your innards onto paper, the point of it is to clear your mind and soul. In order to translate your story or teachings into communication, more thought must be applied to the words themselves and how they are organized.

​What Works for You?

Some people lay their words out as a flow. They tap into the internal river and allow the unconscious full use of their minds for expression. At the end they may have written voluminously, but the true work will begin with gleaning and expressing the fundamental points.

Others edit as they go, sometimes struggling with their inner critics to keep the flow going.

Writing is Unique to Every Individual.

A first step to developing your confidence and voice can be found in joining a writers group. I facilitate small writing groups based on self-expression without criticism. If you are seeking a place to share ideas and explore different styles in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, check out or email me to find a writing group near you.

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