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REVIEWS for Two Apache Sisters and a Texas Gigolo

Polizzi is a woman of wands with words, luring us through a labyrinth of juju and mojo, New Orleans ghosts and green faeries, abandoned children and crazy Creole crones. This book is gumbo for the soul.

J.C. Christenson

Dina Polizzi makes a splash debut into the literary world with her multi-cultural, multi-genre novela, Two Apache Sisters and a Texas Giggolo. It is a chronicle of a romp through New Orleans, an exploration of dreams, divination, human character and spirit, and a testament to the bonds of family, the power of community, and of course magic!

Smiling Wolf

Dina writing just draws you right in, how the characters came together, their individual journeys and their culminating group odyssey, all of it. My most favorite part of the book is the connection to the Tarot. My second favorite part of the book is the cultures and beliefs of the characters that she has created to tell this tale of demonic possession in New Orleans. Check it out! I am positive that you won't be able to put it down.


Dianne Engel-Dragon

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