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A Writing Circle that offers Support, Encouragement, and Community.

Each person is unique - every voice has value.

These writing groups are dedicated to self-expression without criticism.  Participants are encouraged to share their writing in any form: journaling, poetry, essays, songs, memoirs, etc.

Each person has an uninterrupted time to speak - a safe haven to share thoughts, words and stories.


Say What You Want to Say.

Speak Your Truth.

Tell Your Story.

Scientific studies show that writing improves brain function by boosting mental stimulation and preventing cognitive decay. Through the act of writing and organizing thoughts, there is a measurable increase in focus and awareness.

This program is specifically designed to grease the mental wheels and loosen up creativity. Every week, as our comfort levels increase, new paths of creativity and self-expression naturally evolve.

We choose a different topic for every meeting. The writers contemplate and work on the topic for next meeting. The group starts with some informal schmooze time and refreshments. During the readings, listeners are encouraged to practice “deep listening,” allowing the reader time with no interruptions. After each person speaks, other members can share their personal response to what they heard. Anyone can pass their turn and return to it later, or choose to just listen for the evening. This format establishes a group sense of community and freedom.

If you are interested in joining a local group, send me an email for more details.


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About Me

Dina Polizzi

Need a little help getting your story out there?

As a writing group facilitator, I have had the privilege of listening to a wide variety of voices and styles over the years - each unique and enlightening! I have also been able to assist individuals to complete and publish their books using my combined skills in editing, coaching, graphic design and marketing. Contact me today to talk about your book.

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