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Publish YOUR Book

Do you dream of growing your ideas or weaving your stacks of pages into a book?

Do you have a finished manuscript waiting to meet its readers?

The first consultation is FREE.

coaching • editing • support

Where are you in your writing process?

Our first meeting will be to determine the answer to that question and look at some of the potential paths ahead.

Let's get to know each other and see if working together might be a good move for you.

print • ebook • audiobook

Your book cover is the first exposure anyone will have to your work.


An eye-catching expression of your story creates curiosity and draws the reader in.

Generate visually engaging print, electronic and social media versions of your material.

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publicity • events

Discover which are the best avenues of distribution for you.

Who and where are your market?


Develop your online presence, explore possibilities for reaching your audience, book events and put together a powerful bio and press release packet.


Put 20+ years of graphic design, editing and marketing to work for your book.

Imagi Design Studio

The first consultation is FREE.


Dr. Josef DellaGrotte

Grazie Dina! Your efforts and support brought this book to the light of completion.

Ruth Bernstein

Dina has been my friend and mentor. She personally turned me in the right direction and cared so lovingly for my work.

AntoniaCarcelen2 2.jpg
Antonia Carcelen-Estrada

Professor, Early Modern Transatlantic Literature

When I approached Dina with the idea for my course final project - a three dimensional, non-European, transatlantic graphic novel collectively composed by the students, and which dealt with issues of religious and racial intolerance and its relation to community violence - only she could see what I could see! Together with a children’s book artist from Quito Ecuador, Cecila Larrea (Casimira Parabolica), we built what seemed like an impossible endeavor and framed the students interpretations, translations and rewritings of early modern texts into contemporary Spanish texts.

The graphic novel “Mundos Espectrales” revived old texts for contemporary readers. I hope the pictures she shares with you will give you a sense of the aesthetic quality and the brilliance of Dina’s designs.

She WILL NOT DISAPPOINT!! Dare to dream with her.


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