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Annihilator. Destroyer.

You eat the flesh of the earth.

Transmuting it to light, smoke and ash.

Flashbacks of screaming in the flames.

Red hot pincers. Molten lava.

I see the volcano shoot the flames from deep within the earth to touch the sky and consume the mountain.

I tame the flame in my hearth, but still it whispers of its power.

I carefully tend the fire in the pit and pray.

Fire, take this pain which burns me, buried in my heart.

Extract the light from its essence.

My fears become translucent wisps of air. Loves lost thin as ash.

Sweet sparks called to meet the heavens, ignite my dreams.

Fire, as your heat passes through my flesh, awaken the dragon within me.

I will fly with your brilliance.

Flash of life so fleeting, I cannot embrace you, only be you.

I also someday will transform to light, air and ash.

The wheel will spin.

Changes will come.

Night into day.

Dark into light.

Fear into love

Pain into joy

Death into life.

Now into always.

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