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And The Walls Came Tumbling Down

Updated: May 18, 2021

The Walls are tumbling down.

Some of us, on both sides, are terrified.

The wall is our greatest protection.

Wrapped high and wide around all we hold dear.

We believe on the other side is pain, death and destruction.

We are prepared to wreak pain, death and destruction on anyone who would attack or attempt to break our walls.

Some of us, on both sides, are clamoring for liberation.

The wall is our greatest obstruction.

Seemingly impenetrable, barring us and all we hold dear from having what we need for happiness and survival.

And some of us have climbed up and view the world from both sides of the wall.

A few shout their insights, and are shot down before they are ever heard.

Some of us heard them before they were shot.

What will it look like when the wall has crumbled?

What will we see across the rubble after the dust, screams of terror, and shouts of joy subside?

In that moment of silent awe,

we will finally see each other.

On both sides, we will see

the angry,

the frightened,

the compassionate,

the creators,

the destroyers

and the healers.

If we hold out our hands, we will discover it is an easy reach across.

Like the neurons in our brains stretching out into new pathways,

we will experience growth.

Touch the other side and we will experience our evolution.

Listen to the thunder,

the walls are tumbling down.

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