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Where do ideas come from?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

1) The well with a heavy stone combination latch cover in the basement crawl space.

2) The pinhole sized wormhole between the 2 cumulonimbus clouds at Latitude

42.496984, Longitude 72.430587.

3) The little purple fairy that keeps teasing my cat.

4) The idea vendor. He has a little traveling idea cart and he sells them – hot and cold!

5) My muse – but she’s very hard to get an appointment with.

In my experience, ideas just come.

Some are good, some not so good, some will lead you into a whole mess of trouble. Sometimes I see them out of the corner of my mind and then they’re gone – those are hard to pin down.

Sometimes they come and sit on my head - getting heavier and heavier, playing drums on my cranium - until I do something with them.

I could say they come from me – in the universal sense that is – everything in my life comes from me in the universal sense. I haven’t figured out if that’s common sense or nonsense yet? I guess it would be both – being Universal and all!

Hey, being Universal and all, ideas also come from you! Thanks.

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