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The Nature of Giving

“For it is in giving that we receive.”

This beautiful quote from St. Francs of Assisi is frightening when we are blasted with heart-wrenching ads around the holiday season. They wring us out like an old rag. The holiday depression begins as we demean ourselves for not being “selfless” enough - for not meeting overblown expectations of providing the proper stuff.

Stop and breathe.

WE are the gift.

Each of us is uniquely grown, by and for this planet, to play a part in the whole. When I share a song that turns into a smile, or an idea that lights a spark in someone’s eyes, a sense of warmth starts in my heart and spreads throughout my being. For that moment I am filled with joy and contentment. I have received what everyone prays for.

And it was simple! It didn’t take years of study on a mountain-top with a guru. I didn’t have to drain my bank account. I only had to give a little of what was uniquely mine to give. A little bit of myself, which opened me up like a wave drawn out to sea so that the next wave can come in. Breathing in and out is the essence of life. With every breath we give and receive. That is the nature of giving.

What is it you enjoy doing?

What excites you and makes you smile?

The things about us which bring us the greatest joy, are the ones we were meant to share.

What are your unique talents?

Do you love plants, children, books, computers, technology, painting, cleaning, organizing, money, talking, exercising, writing, shopping, driving, studying, meditating, gardening…

Discovering what you have to offer, placing a value on a part of yourself which you already love, and then acknowledging that there are other people out there seeking just those skills, is a life affirming process.

In doing this you will grow, you will nurture and feed your soul, and you will help someone who needed you.

Find the courage to believe in your gifts and share yourself.

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